Belle Vue Finale

 Last Updated: 10/11/2017 17:00

Probably the 'final' update of the week! 


Well, it's Friday and just 2 days to go! Last minute addition to the list, 55 Craig Finnikin has added to a robust F1 entry however, we are disappointed that Rob Speak has last night cancelled his F2 entry. I think Rob's idea was to 'create a stir' whilst he had nothing to prove, but it was not to be! All that said, it is one 'wow' of a finale with a fantastic line up of talent!

It has however been a busy week but finally we are just over 48 hours away from the Double Header National Series Points Championship 'Race for the Silver Roof' featuring BriSCA F1 and F2 Stock Cars at BELLE VUE - Manchester

Bookings have been updated 'daily' and we are delighted to see 55 Craig Finnikin add last night who is usually a man to beat at Belle Vue and doubtless, will provide a handful - As we stand 38 BriSCA F1 Stock Cars is an extremely credible entry and promises some great action. Whilst there has been little fluctuation in the F1 entry, there have been movements both in and out BriSCA F2 wise, ALL 15 Shoot Out drivers are present but we were as stated a little disappointed when Rob advised he would not be able to make it after all - some will think it was artificial, I suggest you ask Rob yourself when you see him as he does plan to attend Sunday at some point. I am sure he will give you the clarity you want! I think Rob's idea was more PR for Skegness as it is one of the major sponsors of the 2017 F2 NS! Conspiracists will suggest it was a 'ruse' to get more people attending, which would be justified if we did not advise 2 days before, he could not make it! If he was the 'only' person you wanted to see and are disappointed and bought tickets, give us a ring for a refund! 

The F2 Grid is a whose who of BriSCA F2 and the shale scene! 
BriSCA F1 wise.good to see Paul Harrison, an infrequent visitor, equally Will Yarrow and the Rotherham Rocket Mark Gilbank is also a rare visitor but is hunting down points as Sunday is also a 2018 World Qualifier! 

Again I must commend ALL 15 Shoot Out drivers for their attendance, we look forward to seeing Chris Burgoyne present in a spectating capacity!

Track wise, we finished as much work as we could do last night and thanks to Martin for some help - it has been a team effort and the forecast promises a dry Sunday and certainly a better lead up weather wise than last week which was preceded by 9 hours of solid rain and sleet!
Programmes have been delivered today and look excellent.
Good to see Andy Ford 13 a late addition as he has been 'winding down' this year, F2 entries remain at 50 but we are still accepting any late entries!

Everyone will have a favourite, everyone will have an opinion - we have tried to keep you updated daily on things and all that's left is to 'hope' we have a great day on and off the track and generate a huge atmosphere to end the season with - Don't forget there will be a late bar and a chance to socialise!

By the way in case you missed it - F2 218 cannot now make it, but advised over 2 days before the event - but around 115 are!