Belle Vue And The Future

 Last Updated: 10/07/2018 13:23

We are aware that today potential developers have circulated residents their proposed plans for over 200 houses on the current Belle Vue Greyhound Stadium. We would expect in coming days that a formal planning application will be submitted- indeed you do not have to have ownership of land to submit an application Crown Oil Pension Fund are the actual owners who in turn lease the stadium to Greyhound operators the GRA. The GRA are currently in discussion with regards renewal of their own lease which we are assured remains their objective. All such negotiations are complex and the outcome will be known in coming weeks. Equally the planning process can be elongated and we will, if this comes about, advise further how we plan to counteract this with help. Sadly in the current environment and a relaxation in planning laws particularly in cities such proposals exist. We cannot comment any further, our landlords GRA are committed to continuance as the stadium is both viable and is iconic. We can only advise when we hear further factual information .Until plans,discussions and any agreements are concluded public comment is just speculation Startrax would love to be there in 2019 and beyond and are also committed to that. However whilst optimistic, what will be will be, some things we cannot control. Whatever happens the remainder of 2018 is unaffected and there remains 5 meetings to savour and enjoy, the next being Friday 17th August followed by the  BriSCA F1 National series opening round on Monday 27th.

In the interim speculation is pointless and be assured as soon as we have information we can release we will do so, if the end is nigh there will be plenty of notice given together with our alternative plans. Please be assured we will be timely and honest. Currently it is business as usual now and into 2019. We will deliver fact when appropriate rather than social media speculation. Let me be clear we wish to continue and we understand so do our landlords- the stadium has a 90 year heritage and legacy