Stoke 30th December is OFF

 Last Updated: 27/12/2018 18:47

I think the photos tell the story! We have been working constantly on the track since December 2nd - bearing in mind the Potteries has had wave after wave of torrential rain in the lead up to Christmas. We discussed whether to go ahead - or - cancel last Thursday / Friday. We deferred the decision with the a degree of optimism of a drier week forecast leading up to Sunday. As all the who attended November and even earlier in December, thetrack has been superb, fast and smooth, however, since then it has suffered 3 weeks of heavy rain making it impossible to get the windows of opportunity to get it completed,

However whilst it has been drier since tuesday, it has been damp, drizzly, misty and last night the track endured another bout of heavy rain overnight.
As you can see the drainage water wise is working well and staff have been keeping up with getting rid of puddles BUT the material is deep,heavy and very,very wet and with the water table 'high' it's actually coming up and we cannot get equipment on the track as it's simply too muddy and wet [ Anyone is welcome to pop down and have a look - [ but suggest do not walk on track as you will take it away with you. ]

With it being so wet we simply cannot tyre pack it in to get it fit for racing, it will just rip through to the base itself and be a mud bath and bring the base with it.
The forecast for the next few days remains the same, benign, dry with some mist / odd drizzle where we need it dry clear with ideally some wind - It is not happening unfortunately After all the work and expense of recent months, with the material simply 'so wet' will prejudice the track preparation and surface for the season to come SO, and trust me with the Christmas we have had, we have made the difficult decision to protect the track an live to fight another day.

Whilst it is so wet, we cannot put equipment on the track to work, the weather is damp and benign, no wind to help and that damp atmosphere is forecast for the remainder of the week so the situation will not improve without being able to get on and get it to a point of tyre packing.
It is imperative we open the season on 24th February and March - running Sunday with more rain forecast longer range will almost certainly put that in jeopardy. As it sits. with a period o dry weather we CAN complete the work and tyre pack it.
We understand a lot of work has been put in behind the scenes, none more so that Dave, who also wanted the meeting on but - any short term opportunity will be outweighed by the damage to the track and the time and cost to recover. We live to fight another day!
I would like to pick out Hayley Harvey who produced a field of over 40 Hot Rods for the Winter Open - Hayley, we will move this forward if drivers wish to rebook, to 24th February.
Unfortunately I /we are not God, but we do have a duty of care and responsibility as well as sensibility - we thank everyone for their efforts and our own staff in the pre Christmas works despite 3 weeks of continuous rain. Bitterly disappointing to not have those few days.
It is not going to dry sufficiently in the next 48 hours to get equipment on without creating more damage and on productive therefore we think an early call allow people to make alternative plans is the prudent.

Whilst I am sure there will be critics, please be assured after all the work and effort and planning, no one is more disappointed than we are! Again thanks for your support and we have to work with our landlord and guidance