ORCi Junior Bangers

 Last Updated: 11/01/2019 15:00

There has been considerable 'gossip' in recent months with regards the ORCi doing away with Championships in the formula. What is true is that promoters involved have been discussing this late 2018 as they are concerned at increasing costs for parents and the strenuous efforts, particularly at Championship events, to ensure conformity to rules and obviously when something may be found incorrect the aggravation and time consumed in trying to resolve the issues.

However, the promoters involved met this week at ORCi to discuss this and have now unanimously agreed that Championships WILL continue as previous years as we do understand the value the drivers see in them. The 2019 Junior Banger rules will be available shortly and in the coming weeks 2019 Championship and venue dates will be announced. In the spirit of the formula, let's work together and encourage our Junior members to flourish and ensure that not only on Championship days, that all understand and stick to the rules - that way we avoid the stress and hassle

The 2019 rules will be published shortly and Championship dates/venues will also be announced in the coming weeks.