Belle Vue Update

 Last Updated: 05/02/2019 20:01

Friends of Belle Vue and Startrax met with Manchester City Council planners - who we would like to thank for granting us the time - and we had the opportunity to provide more background information with regards the Heritage and community value of the stadium. We have agreed to supply more detail together with more forensic information on the technical points identified and raised that have got us so far. Over 1000 submissions regarding the stadium have been received which has heightened the interest in the stadium and its community value.

Simon and I left ‘optimistic ‘ that together we CAN make a difference and by no means is this a done deal. 

The fat lady is not in the building even!

Indeed we are only at the beginning of the campaign and consultation. PLEASE keep e-mailing your thoughts to Mr Burnham, planners, councillors and MP’s and spread and share again the petition. We repeat there is no room for apathy or acceptance that the result is inevitable - we can all contribute, this is the beginning of campaign that may well be winnable!

Please help us and engage positively.

We can make a difference!