Stoke 15th June OFF

 Last Updated: 12/06/2019 15:19

Stoke – Saturday 15th June OFF

As you are aware, it’s wet,wet,wet! Indeed, over the last 48 hours we have been inundated with messages with regards this Saturday’s event at Loomer Road given the unusually severe weather [ for June! ] over the last 10 days – indeed since we last run on 1st June, there has been one dry day and 27 hours of rain last Thursday through to Friday combined with more rain Saturday forced postponement of last Saturday Speedway also. Some 5 inches of rain fell Monday and Yesterday with more forecast the remainder of the week.

It cost around 5k just to relay the track after the extremely wet April 27th and credit to Dave and his team, delivered a good track for the 18th May and 1st June. However, whilst we have had all the drains cleaned out around 10 day ago, the track material after literally being under water for periods whilst it drains, is extremely boggy with no windows either for it to dry before the weekend. We have checked the forecast for the remainder of the week and it is not optimistic and we do need two or three days for it to dry to an extent that we can resume work in it, that window does not look apparent in todays short term forecast.

Rather than prolong the decision which many are expecting, we are giving early advice that this meeting is being postponed. For clarity, Stoke on the 15th June is OFF! 

We are currently in discussion with Dave and working within Speedway commitments to find a new day – and a date in particular, that fits for the Junior Bangers Championship. We hope to be able to confirm a replacement date [ hopefully by the weekend ] certainly next week.

Thank you for your support and understanding, but I am sure most of you will understand it, particularly as even national news covering flooding and issues.