Chesterton Stadium

 Last Updated: 10/09/2019 17:01

Startrax have been advised at today by Dave Tattum that the freehold for Chesterton Stadium has been sold with immediate effect and advised that racing will cease by 31st October this year with a period to the year end for removal of equipment. However, we have been granted an extension to enable the early November BriSCA F1 Stock Car event to take place which will be the last ever event for motorsport at Loomer Road, to be staged.

We do not have the full details as to whom has bought the stadium and at this stage or plans for it for the future. Dave has only been advised in the last 24 hours of the decision and has now informed ourselves. We are unaware of any planning applications submitted for the stadium at this present time.

Whilst at this point we are still coming to terms with the announcement, it has been no secret by ourselves for a number of years, that the freehold for the site has been for sale for redevelopment. We have also stated that racing was allowed to continue there as goodwill rather than just flatten the site until such point in time it was sold.

Indeed in the past we ourselves offered £1m for the site however the valuation was much higher. There was always an inevitability that it would be sold, now that has happened.

We are currently looking at options and indeed we plan to stage probably two additional events at Loomer Road in October to ensure it least gets a proper farewell.

However, the last event WILL be the first Saturday in November. The Potters final match will be this coming Saturday, 14th September.

Whilst the future of Belle Vue also hangs in the balance, we will be relocating in 2020 fixtures to Sheffield as part of an overall planned 11 date season to discuss in coming weeks with the stadium management

There is obvious sadness at the loss which is also a major blow for Stoke Potters Speedway with both sports being at the stadium since it was built and opened in 1973. Regrettably, we have no jurisdiction over it's destiny and ownership.

E/OE 10th September 2019