Sunday 29th September is ON

 Last Updated: 29/09/2019 09:16

Unlimited Bangers
Junior Bangers
BriSCA F2 Stock Cars

After consultation, and four hours examining EVERY forecast and weather radars given that this is the LAST time Unlimited Bangers appear at Belle Vue, THIS EVENT DEFINITELY GOES AHEAD.

Most forecasts suggest heavy rain overnight until early morning and then improving showery. We have been at the track EVERY day including today and we resolutely are confident that it will handle overnight rain as it has all week.

We are posting a video done at today and photos – Our track curator is one of the best in the UK and believes how it is today is how it will be tomorrow – a good racing surface – we can do or say no more and we want to give drivers and fans honesty and confidence!
We also have equipment to blade and grade the track.

We very much value and hope drivers support the event. Current bookings as now, Saturday sit for Unlimited’s at late forties as in the last 24 hours some have cancelled presumably due to forecast – BOOKINGS ARE STILL OPEN and ALL Unlimited drivers have £50 expenses. We have only received one JB cancellation as at present, so often, stars of the show! We anticipate 35ish Unlimiteds’ similar Juniors and Mid twenties BriSCA F2 which should be a good show. 

One key factor in our decision is that BELLE VUE has amongst the best facilities for customers with a HUGE 2000+ Glass fronted  seated ‘indoor’ raceview grandstand where racing can be viewed in comfort So, let’s ALL get behind this FAREWELL for BIG Bangers, rarely seen at Manchesters Belle Vue – Let’s go crashing! On this occasion, we also encourage drivers for their support for a great send off Banger wise!

Pit gate opens  Racing starts and finishes approx

PROPOSED PROGRAMME OF EVENTS – first race Race 1 BriSCA F2 Heat 1 Race 2 Junior Bangers Heat 1 [Race 2a Subject to Cars Junior Bangers Heat 2 ] Race 3 Unlimited Bangers Heat 1 [Race 3a Subject to cars 36+ cars Unlimited Bangers Heat 2 Race 4 BriSCA F2 Heat 2 Race 5 Junior Bangers Race 6 Unlimited Bangers NORTHERN WARRIORS FINAL Race 7 BriSCA F2 Grand Final Race 8 Junior Banger Final Race 9 BriSCA F2 Grand National Race 10 Unlimited Bangers All Comers into DD