An Emotional End to an Era

 Last Updated: 25/10/2019 15:21


AN EMOTIONAL 'End to an Era!'

We are getting many messages about 'weather' which seems to be my life last 3 months! Its dry and bright Sunday, wrap up but gonna be a great day!

We are ready for rain today into tomorrow afternoon and then the lead up and Sunday is a good day to celebrate the end of an era at Loomer Road. We have to date received few cancellations with 101 booked as of 2 days ago [ down from 112 ] - there are several optimists planning to do both KL and Stoke however, due to Saturday's forecast, Kings Lynn has now moved also to Sunday and 'clash' - We are expecting around 70 - 80 Unlimited Bangers. Those who have raced at Stoke last week and indeed previous meetings will know just how good the track now is and we expect a great day!
SUNDAY IS DRY and bright!
IMPORTANT INFO FOR DRIVERS - with around 9 drivers that had planned doing both KL Sat and Stoke Sunday, we now have opened up for anyone that couldn't get in to have a last minute entry IF you have a car built and want to join this emotional and historic occasion as THIS IS YOUR LAST OPPORTUNITY to come and have fun and be part of the atmosphere and recollect great memories of Stoke and remember some of the proudest moments with undoubtedly the original one year only planned Stan Woods Celebration that over years put Stoke on the map - Wouldn't it be great to create just one last time the atmosphere, fun and friendship that this event stands for and at the same time celebrate Shaun as we sadly cannot do this next yeat - it's one last ride! Junior Bangers also, some have been declined -you may now re book - PLEASE CONTACT SPIKE for Unlimited / Junior late entries!
All the prep is done, Paul at TSR rang and advised of their problems, not uncommon to us - weather and we are good friends and work together, let's hope we get the support on the terraces as Paul would agree there will be plenty more in Norfolk BUT this IS the last ever at STOKE - It is FINAL there will be no reprieve and we hope you join us to ensure Stoke gets the Banger send off it deserves and celebrate Shaun's memory.
It is ironic, when we planned this 'last ever' event we had looked at Saturday but went for Sunday as KL was Saturday - we would have been in the same position with wisdom suggesting moving 24 hours to SUNDAY! We expect a great day, a Northern end of an era that cannot be repeated. Thankfully the weather god seem to have smiled upon us for this one last time - but as so many times in the past, adds to the melodrama and mix - A great day in prospect and dry As stated, there was only a small overlap in bookings - Decent weather, last ever, an emotional day, look forward to seeing you and keep safe!