The Final Laps

 Last Updated: 30/10/2019 13:03

46 years of history comes Crashing to and end this Saturday Night at Loomer Road’s Chesterton Stadium.

Opened in 1973 as a purpose built venue for Greyhound Racing, Speedway and Stock Car Racing, the venue has proven popular for motorsport and the Stoke Potters speedway team.

In September it was announced that the site had been sold for redevelopment and indeed, the Potters speedway team staged their final event at the stadium ending a long and illustrious Heritage.

This coming Saturday, the BriSCA Formula One Stock Cars finally will see the last ever chequered flag waved at the stadium as the final motosport event ever to be staged at Loomer Road takes place.

Promoter Steve Rees commented ‘ We have been involved in running around 20 events a year at Chesterton for 15 years and it has been popular both locally and Nationally. Last Sunday saw the last ever Banger Racing event at the stadium and drivers and fans flocked from all over the UK for what was an extremely emotional event and to celebrate the venues history. It enjoyed local support from drivers and race fans and has staged many major events over the years and we have received a huge amount of emotional correspondence over it’s closure and quite obviously the loss of the facility is a massive blow for the region.

In many respects, we have been aware that the freehold had been for sale for many years and therefore we should perhaps thank the outgoing owners for allowing both sports to continue whilst a buyer was sought, prolonging it’s life.

The fundamental frustration is that as motorsport promoters we would have liked to have purchased the stadium however it’s value is significantly higher as development land than it would to be purchased to remain as a stadium and commanded a much higher figure than would be viable for us purchasing it. Unfortunately, it’s business life and the owners have the right to realize the asset. However, whilst a fact of life, as sports we are losing far too many community venues’

Rees added ‘ Last Sunday was very emotional as the sun quite literally set over Loomer Road for Banger Racing with many tears and people welling up. This coming Saturday 2nd is a huge event for the BriSCA F1 Stock Cars being a World Qualifier and a major Championship round, fitting for the final laps ever to be raced in anger at this cherished venue. We are expecting drivers and fans travelling huge distances for this to enjoy the event and of course to mourn it’s loss but, at the time celebrate it’s memories and, hopefully a tantaslisingly good stock car event.  Come 9.30 on Saturday, the last noise of an exasperated engine will be silenced, the last flag fluttered and the floodlight’s will be turned off – forever and Stoke will become a cherished memory’

Promoters Startrax .who also promote at Sheffield and Belle Vue are desperately working hard to explore any viable options for a potential replacement site in the Potteries area in the future