The Last Ever - Take 1 Stoke Saturday 19th October

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Saturday night now sees us in the final countdown with 3 meetings before we close for good on 2nd November for redevelopment.

This is an amazing meeting with huge driver support, manny now on their final laps and Farewell at Loomer Road with headlining the evening, our infamous and much replicated 1600 Bangers! They all started at Stoke and everyone want to be a part of this Championship night and importantly their final night of racing at Loomer Road, the same applies for all the other race divisions in action - so quite literally, catch it while you can! Bookings are still being taken and currently over 140 Bangers & Hot Rods are entered.

Spike previews this BIG night!

Hello and we look forward to welcoming you to Stoke Stadium for a Golden night of Banger Racing, as the men and the Ladies race for their Gold Roof Finals at Stoke for the last time EVER!

The countdown really is on now with just 2 events left after Saturday at this iconic venue. And for some racers saturday is last time ever!

1600cc Banger Racing really took off at Startrax with the introduction of Stoke and eventually the Startrax Biggie came to this track because the drivers wanted it here, and every season since over 60 drivers have raced the event with close to that number for this prized event.

Around 30 cars will contest the Last Chance Race with the top 5 making it to the rear of the Main race grid. The main race will see 123 Paul “The Mangler” Manning and 19 Joseph “Boxer Joe” Frankland on the front row, with 292 Paul “The Cheat” Davies and 132 Connor “Baba” Dando on row 2, 204 Travis Dring and 711 Charles Harrison fill row 3 and the first of the visiting drivers from Spedeworth Incarace Trackstar taking up row 4.

Defending Champion 69 Matt Randall will have his work cut out from row 5 while former Champion 290 Jonny Harrison will try to go from one row further back, Startrax leading Lady drivers mixing it with the men more often has seen 282 Kirstaay and 381 Jade Challender both qualify for the first time, dark horses for this race are former 1600cc Scottish Champion 374 Jake Carter and 746 Deejay Tyler among the visitors the Locker’s 29 Jamie, 298 Carl and 299 Dale are always a threat and the Crew brothers 60 Tim and 160 Simon need no introduction to Stoke regulars, good luck to all drivers tonight.

The Lady Bangers also race for their Gold Roof with defending champion 232 Sammy While on pole position with 112 Pippa Prestage alongside it will be a tough ask to stop this pair, with regulars 81 Gemma Lord, 100 Emma Mullins, 110 Mary Tyler, and 584 Kimberley Smith will try their best to topple the duo and with regular visitors over the last few seasons coming back again 104 Ellis Hopkins has won it before and 175 Laura Bulldeath and 226 Lauren Bricknell have driven well on previous visits to Stoke, again Good Luck to all Saturday.

The Unlimited Old Skool Bangers have been a successful experiment for drivers to race modern Unlimited cars without having them smashed up on lap 1, with just under 30 drivers new old and long distance visitors who will entertain with some old style sideways racing, the emphasis very much on racing with limited nudge and spin contact. Long distance travellers from the South West include 252 Lib, 262 Buddy, and 362 Johnny James, 267 Martin French and partner 584 Kim Smith, while 246 Dylan Wrad and 318 Tony Citro will be coming from the North East, regular supporters of this class the Demons will field 21 Gavin Robinson, 100 Emma Mullins, 205 Reece Moran, 226 Anthony Elliott, and 364 Ian Rawlings. Coventry drivers include 57 Mark Gilbert 224 James Burrows and 269 Dean French, with local support from 161 Pete West, 178 Andy Walsh, 200 Noon, 204 Trav, and 514 Paul Woods. A good line up that should give us some excellent Old Skool entertainment.

Add to that close on 30 Hot Rods entered and perhaps a first if all attend, a 2/3rds format - we also have UK Modifieds, In total some 146 cars are entered for this BIG SATURDAY at Loomer Road.

Just a note National Ministox have been moved to Sheffield on Sunday 20th and will be at Stoke for the last ever meeting here on 2nd November Next Week [ 27th ] the Unlimited Bangers are here for the last time, over 100 drivers for the 153 Shaun Buckley Memorial Final, until then enjoy the action today and see you all next week!