2020 ORC Licences

 Last Updated: 11/12/2019 09:10


You have UNTIL 31st December - all being well, any received by 19th December should hopefully be dispatched for Christmas!

Burnt out, battered and bruised BUT still hugely upbeat. And still lots to get finalised as much as we can prior to Christmas so we can publish our dates and updates early January.

Trust us, we are working hard to ensure all our formula get racing at Belle Vue and Sheffield in 2020 and we are continuing plans elsewhere.

We thank ALL our drivers and race teams for your support over the years, our staff, Spike for looking after Bangers, Hayley and Danny Hot Rods, the two Matts and more all.

Without you, we could not have done what we have achieved!

Far from considering a well earned retirement, it has sort of regalvanised us as the time isn't right and we are rebranding re focusing for 2020. We will keep trying and we hope you will support us.

The pressure and stress of the last weeks and months has been a battering and our apologies that we are 2 weeks behind in sending 2020 licenses forms out but we dispatched over 100 yesterday and once we have cleared WF work, the remainder will go out later in the week.

The form IS NOW AVAILABLE to download online and you now have the facility to pay online via Paypal as of today - Again, sorry we are a bit late! You can also give us a call at the office on 01253 713754.

Trust us, we are working hard - we appeal for your continued support to reshape Startrax for the future - and thank you all for your support!

Please share if you can - and enthusiasm after some dark days is returning rapidly and great to see our great team are also sending their forms in for 2020, if you haven't done so, please download and do so asap!  

We will be having a reunion and 'free' open night out for Friends of Startrax in February [ we need a break first to re charge the batteries at the end of January and still lots to do!
Please if you can, come along have a pint and I will announce a date and venue hopefully prior to Christmas, lets have a great and FREE night out!

We are having a big revamp for 2020 and early January we will be announcing a date and time  and venue for a staff meeting where we will be in a position to provide more exciting news hopefully and our path forward and we have already talked with new valued team members to join us with plenty of experience and to take us forward. More news will follow!

Drivers, we very much hope you stick with us for 2020 - We are also working hard on additional dates for Bangers, Juniors etc at Sheffield, we have had a productive telecon early this week with the stadium to become the jewel of the North and we meet at the stadium again in early January - we also intend to hold an 'open drivers evening' in South Yorkshire to share our plans for Banger racing.

Belle Vue fixtures are well underway, we still have the shadow of planning permission pending - we have in the last two weeks submitted our own four year planning renewal for racing at the stadium and we are confident that we will see racing in 2020 in Manchester, for how long we cannot say - we are still fighting and there is optimism.

We are also looking elsewhere with a strong possibility of an addition in the second half of the year if all works out and we are following closely another potential venue that may resurrect. But that's not for today, it's sowing the seed for a 'new' Startrax, a bright and positive future, changes and a fresh vision - BUT we need your support and with us.

Give us a ring, join us and we welcome drivers re joining us in 2020, don't forget the 31st December deadline to save £££'s

Again thank you, please be part of Startrax - the resurrection in 2020 and move forward together, We will hopefully communicate in person! We are focused - just need some breathing space to 'catch up' - have a recharge of the batteries and hit the deck running and enthusiastic to shape a great 2020 and beyond.

Thanks for reading! Come on. join us!


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