Looking Forward to an Emotional Weekend

 Last Updated: 01/11/2019 14:43

We are on the eve of two fantastic and last events at Stoke and Belle Vue.
Tomorrow 2nd sees the LAST EVER STOKE, celebrating 46 years of Stock Car Racing but from 9.30.pm tomorrow when the last flag flutters and the light's go out, it will be no more as it has been sold for redevelopment and we expect work will start on the site in the New Year.
So, it's a last EVER for BriSCA F1 - Before everyone starts messaging and phoning, we too watch weather forecasts.
The track as of today is 'mint' and forecast show heavy rain in the morning but by start time dry! With the track 'hard' and firm, well tyre packed we are confident that it will race well - last weeks Banger event followed 2 days of rain albeit dry on the day and was on the verge of dusty. If your coming early, bring a brolly but it fades away to dry at start time according to Met office. THIS MEETING WILL RUN and hope you support it wet or dry as it will NOT be re arranged, it can't and neither is there any reason to consider it.!
SUNDAY is CARS!CARS!CARS! and the 'last ever' Manchester Firestorm and our acclaimed huge fireworks display - The track also is mint and as of last night needed watering - with a reasonable forecast and remember Belle Vue has amongst the best facilities in the UK for all weather with huge glass fronted/seated and heated race view grandstand.
It's a case of catching them NOW as we very definitely are in the final laps!
WE HOPE YOU SUPPORT US AND THE DRIVERS for both these 'historic' I was there events!