One chapter closes another opens

 Last Updated: 23/11/2019 19:18

After one of the most distressing weeks of my life and the most difficult as a promoter emotionally in 26 years, today marked the final closure of Loomer Road.

Sadly, during the course of the last week a team has been stripping out the fence for scrap [ other than parts we have retained for use ] and that was completed yesterday and today Dave had a huge ‘garage auction’ excluding the grader etc which we have already moved off site, and was well attended by a large number of people ‘stripping’ the old gal – even Billy Speak I am told bought an old turnstile [ whether for scrap or sentiment – unknown! ]  - the people have left, the place has been stripped from glasses, chairs to old containers – She is now silent and very,very sadly awaits her destiny and dignity!

We are now very much looking to the future and after a difficult several weeks, especially the last one, we are now focusing on 2020 and we are hugely confident that we will have a further period at Belle Vue, certainly well into next year and next week we will be submitting our own planning renewal,

We are increasing the number of events at Sheffield whilst the same number are at this moment, planned at Belle Vue.

BriSCA F1 and F2 wise, we plan to run exactly the same number of dates overall as we did in 2020, for our F2 drivers, we must ensure they are catered for.  We will have a bigger and better quality of fixtures for National Bangers and our own 1600’s and Junior Bangers will receive a higher profile in 2020. We also plan to include fixtures also for our Hot Rods – we plan to include also V8 Stock Cars and National Ministox prominently.  We shall also progress our ‘new track’ project over the Winter months and in the New Year will be looking to make progress at Sheffield pit area wise.

I can announce our provisional opening events as Sunday March 22nd at Belle Vue and Sunday 29th March at Sheffield and we are working to complete the full fixture list by mid December and Startrax will be represented at the MWA show on the 1st and 2nd February in Peterborough.

Whilst we have had a difficult several weeks, this coming week we hope will enable us to ‘catch up’ – Our first priority will be our 2020 World Final at Kings Lynn on Saturday 12th September [ with the Overseas night on Friday 11th ] and we are making every effort to have tickets for the home straight grandstand and General admission and ‘chair tickets’ on sale in December in time for Christmas. We will in the next several days work to get a World Final page on the website,

Startrax will be once again taking the F1’s to Scotland, something we very much enjoy and the hospitality of fans North of the Border and of course the welcome and support we get from GMP at Cowdenbeath and of course our friends at Lochgelly. We understand that fans are also keen to know the weekend dates to book hotels, so we will confirm asap..

2020 ORCi License forms for drivers – National & 1600 Bangers, UK Mods and Junior Bangers will be online later next week at pre 31st December discount prices.

In December after careful consideration as to whether to ‘drop’ them, Startrax WILL continue with season tickets which will include our major events – The prices and availability will be announced in the next 14 days.

So, it’s been a hard year, lot’s of disappointments and emotion but Startrax are currently in the battery charger getting revitalized to hit March 2020 running and full of enthusiasm.