The Final Intro

 Last Updated: 05/11/2019 20:27

At times life presents twists and turns and elsewhere in the programme you will find a detailed update as to where we are with regards the planning position here at Belle Vue and the future as we see it.

I will open with some optimism that there is a hint that some racing could resume here for at least part of the 2020 season. Planning has not yet been decided and 'if' we lose and it goes for housing, well we have kept Kirky Lane alive for the year - but with new owners of the GRA there may be new twists and turns and they have to consider what happens next here and nothing can happened until a decision is made. However, but without any guarantee, I feel optimistic that the new owners are far more 'investors' in the industry and probably likely to continue when planning is resolved at least during the notice period. It's not a guarantee, it's a feeling that has grown over the last 10 days, so this evening may be aurevoir as opposed to good bye. We, the staff here at the stadium and remained loyal, the greyhound people and trainers have shown stoic loyalty and together we have fought the magino line and remain in the trenches and but unlike Stoke which was final, recent changes despite the many uncertainties provide some hope. Tonight may or may not be the inevitable final 84 laps,even Mystic Meg cannot predict the further twists and turns so enjoy it, celebrate it and make the most of it as it could well be. Be assured, we have always been truthful this far and more than anyone we would be delighted to be able to confirm in the coming weeks a reprieve. However, there is no certainty albeit we have a little more insight to start thinking a plan for at least the first part of 2020 albeit it may or may not happen. Let's not tonight reflect too much and of course we will feedback any news as it develops via our social media sites. My message this ironic Rememberance Day, which once again will  be celebrated with our good friend Commander Crosby, is to think about all the happy memories that Kirky Lane has provided over 21 years and join hands and hope that 2019 is NOT it's final RIP - But if it is, the menu tonight is as good as it gets to see us off in style IF that is the final chapter. Tonight will be a dogfight in all formula, I apologise in advance, before we get our final ? Racing Ratings, with what's on we will not finish much before as we have the deserved presentations and celebrations of the hard fought spoils for the winners who brought both competitions to one of the best Finales since the concept was incepted.

Others elsewhere in the programme will have covered the in's and outs in detail of just how heady tonight is.

Jackie I would like to simply than everyone who has been at our side here for 21 years and indeed elsewhere, we could not have done it for 26 years without you, the roller coaster. That's our own staff, stadium staff, drivers,race teams and YOU that we all do it for. It has been an upsetting year for us, but we have found new strength and we ain't going yet, we look forward to 2020 with optimism, Sheffield will be with us, we have other projects in the meltdown and it would be a Christmas present if we can announce a reprieve, however short that may be here at Belle Vue into next year, not only for us but the loyal staff and greyhound people who have stuck it out despite huge uncertainty.

Our thanks to everyone, it's been a great journey, but we are 'still here' we may temporarily have slimmed down, however the passion has not been diminished and we will continue to use that passion to move heaven and earth!

Keep in touch with Social media and we wills ee you in 2020.!