Last Updated: 02/10/2020 18:35

We continue to work within an environment that not one of us can control. The rules that we try to work within are politely chaotic and unclear, sometimes discriminatory and more, not black or white but down to interpretation. Equally, when confronted very little opportunity to argue as part of a bigger overall picture. Therefore, collectively, we have excelled in our project in restarting our sport at 90% of venues since late July - however, others like Sheffield which are classed as elite sports grounds are under different licensing and safety working action group guidance than others. As PR re Banger WF in recent days indicated, Ipswich is now, given changes in guidance in recent weeks, wrestling that one, however elsewhere the position remains 'stable'. So, whilst the news re Sheffield as far as 2020 is concerned is of bitter disappointment, certainly for us, it has to be put into the context of the unprecise and unstable environment we are in and, at times you have to concede that.

However, there is at least some cause for 'optimism' - our talks with the RFL have continued this morning in a very positive nature and within the coming weeks in what is a step by step process against a backdrop of the uncertainties, progress is being made. After almost a year of discussion, we plan another meeting later this month which we are optimistic will provide a platform to finalise intent for 2020 and beyond. We are hugely encouraged at the progress in discussions. We thank everyone for their support and to the RFL for their continued interest. We certainly hope, by the 8th November at our finale at King's Lynn to confirm the future so we will all know where we are going. We are extremely optimistic, but it's jumping one hurdle at a time, and we have now done several furlongs!

We look forward to King's Lynn now with, this morning adding a little more spring into the step and considerable finger crossing.