Lockdown brings Final curtain

 Last Updated: 01/11/2020 21:06

Doubtless following 24 hours of speculation, we have all been tuned in to listen to the Prime Minister who as widely speculated, has announced a National lockdown from 5th November.

Firstly on a personal note, I would like to thank our family of fans, drivers and staff in terms of observing the changing government guidance with good humour and in an exemplorary manner over the period we have managed to stage events, which has on many occasions been authenticated and audited by individual EHO’s. Thank you all, it’s your co operation that had allowed racing at all this year and the diligence of our entire community.THANK YOU

It is difficult not to agree that the situation is deteriorating and it is our duty to support each other and our government. Whilst disappointing that we will not now be able to complete the scheduled finale at Kings Lynn on Saturday 8th November, we can stand proud ‘together’ that we have achieved so much, in good spirit, safely AND raising significant funds for our frontline services.

For ourselves and many we were looking forward to Sunday, in this troubled year, as a promotion we have only managed to stage two events and that is with gratitude to close colleagues who allowed us to facilitate this.

We have had a ‘bonus’ of 9 fantastic events - THANK YOU Sadly but understandably circumstances rightly dictate we cannot complete - disappointing - but there is so much positive to reflect upon.

This event will NOT be staged in 2020, at this point in time it would be hugely speculative to even contemplate and morally unwise in the short term. Trackstar and ourselves will issue a statement Monday and to how options and refunds will be processed in the most timely manner.

What is vitally important is that, as earlier in the year, we protect each other and keep in touch. The consequential effects affect all of us in different ways and I stress we MUST be there for each other.

Thank you all for your invaluable support to us both - thank you - II cannot over emphasise that, it is great to be part of such a great family.

There will be light at the end of the tunnel, be assured, BriSCA will return in the Spring, we shall continue with enthusiasm, working on Odsal and Sheffield and making our contribution to BriSCA in 2021 Great! We will get through this.

Further guidance and information will follow on the coming days from the ORCI and BriSCA//BMB/BSCDA

Keep in touch, keep safe and let’s look after each other as stated when things are at their worst we are at our best