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With the best laid plans of mice and men, I now have some time to focus on our unique and exclusive 140 CLUB. Initially we had planned to launch this at ODSAL last month in readiness for the 1st January availability alongside when we did the BSCDA podcast with some cars on site and a viewing period of the facilities so we could engage and answer questions as whilst superb value, it’s a big ticket item that obviously has questions attached. When Bradford went Tier 3 last month we did not feel it appropriate to proceed this route, however if we have an opportunity for a pre season open day before the launch date we will do so, but, hopefully by then, the Patrons club will be SOLD OUT! – we hope!
What I can say is that when visitors have come to look around, pre Christmas and between Christmas and New Year ALL have subscribed when they have see the facilities and viewing! One or two may add their comments should they wish.
As we cannot yet open the place up for a visitors day now construction is underway as well current government policy Ian and Paul have kindly put some photos together that illustrate just what this superstructure has to offer, unrivalled. Two floors, 5 bars, catering options , the upper floor will eventually become available for major events with superb corporate boxes and will be available during the week for meetings and corporate activities.
- The 140 Club is more for the more discerning patron who wants that ‘bit extra’ – exclusive ‘Balcony’ viewing where between races you can come back inside into the warmth and comfort seated, with food and bars available in exclusive comfortable numbers – If you have a special occasion, you can enquire about food / buffets etc or simply choose on the day what is available.
- For those who have companies it has particular benefits in terms of ‘publicity’ on our website and Patrons page in the programme and as Corporate sponsorship, the price includes VAT and will be invoiced as required in the companies name
- The passes are yours for 5 years, in March lanyards and a pack will be issued to those who have subscribed and they are transferable to others if you cannot attend and particular useful if you want to invite a client. Alternatively, 140 club members will have other benefits such as if they want to organise a ‘group’ event on at a particular night, then we have areas to cater for that and Patron members will receive a discount, these can be tailored to suit.
Above are the basics, below is more information. We have extended this due to the delayed launch in the first stage to 31st January and the price inclusive of VAT is £2000 for the first person with a 10% discount for a second, third etc.
As we appreciate people may have further questions then from FRIDAY 15th JANUARY between 9.30 and 5.30.pm Monday – Friday, all information can be obtained from the office on 01253 713754 – or if no reply [ as we may be on site ] 07952 050198 – alternatively you can simply e-mail me on stevenrees0@btinternet.com. Even though it’s early and only now properly having time to get on with this, over 30 have been purchased / reserved which in the coming several days we are following up [ and we thank those for their early support ] and we are confident that this exclusive package will sell out! Over to you!
PATRONS OF ODSAL - The Odsal 140 club. 

The club is designed to give members a number of exclusive and premium benefits in addition to helping to acquire much needed capital to get Odsal Stadium, and particularly Motorsport, back open and running again in 2021. 
This prestigious and exclusive club will be limited to a maximum of 140 members at all times. Hence the name. 
By Joining this exclusive club you will be helping to secure the future of Oval Racing at the North's most Iconic stadium. 
This will probably be the last opportunity that anyone has to bring Oval Racing back to what can only be described as the Wembley of the North. This is how it works. 
By joining the 140 Club you subscribe a membership fee to that extends for five years . 
1. There will be a guaranteed eight BriSCA F1 meetings, three major Banger or International Meetings and up to fifteen Domestic meetings or other motoring events each year, including World Finals. 
2. Although admission charges are bound to rise over the five year period your admission charges would be completely covered for the whole of the period by way of this advance payment. 
3. The 140 Club will be located front centre on the first floor of the South Bank Stand.  

4. By being a member of the 140 Club you are guaranteed a place in the lounge and terrace seating on which ever floor is open. Below are just some of the planned benefits for members. THE BEST SEATS IN THE HOUSE! 

5. A reserved terrace seat on the first floor balcony outside the 140 Club Members Lounge at all BriSCA F1 events. The facilities comprises lounges, bars and an outside seating area offering unrivalled viewing of the action! 

6. Free admission to all F1 and ALL oval / Motorsports racing events held at the stadium. [ excluding speedway ] 10% Discount admission to other non racing events held at the stadium. 

7. Fast track turnstile entrance to avoid queuing. Reserved seat in the grandstand at non BriscaF1 events. Exclusive club merchandise, Priority discount restaurant reservations when available and first refusal on the hospitality boxes once the first floor is re-opened. 

8. Meet and greet with drivers at each F1 meeting 

9. Complimentary race day programme 10% Discount admission at all Startrax events at Sheffield Reduced advertising and sponsorship rates. There will be many other offers exclusive to 140 club members throughout the term of membership. So now that your appetite is whetted, what is the cost? A 5 year membership of £2,500 reduced down to £2000 if paid in full before 31st Jan 2021. 

10. This can be broken down to £1,000 deposit and 10 monthly instalments of £150. This gives the option to renew in year 6 at the same fixed rate. 

11. Additional memberships can be purchased at a discount of 10%. The membership card will state Guest of and the name of the person/company that has purchased the additional places. This means you can invite different guests to each event. We are confident that these limited memberships will sell out fast and this will contribute enough advance revenue to help offset some of the huge costs required to get racing back to Odsal Stadium and help future proof the sport. 

We hope this proposal will be of interest and look forward to welcoming you at our first meeting. Full terms and conditions are available on request and are included with the application form. ON SALE FROM 15th JANUARY – offer ends currently 31st January