60 years ago to be remembered At Odsal

 Last Updated: 18/01/2021 08:30

In the Autumn we will be staging a ‘special’ Unders and Overs event at Odsal for National Bangers ‘remembering Sunnyvale’. 

Sunnyvale Gardens, Hipperholme near Halifax can date its origins back to the mid 50’s and during the 1960’s and 70’s was a popular home for good fun Banger racing and many famous Stock Car names cut their teeth there - perhaps out of interest, you can search the grey matter! 

Sunnyvale was the precursor to Odsal with a club and fun feel.

We want to make this a reflective Sunnyvale ‘re union’ and attract one or two of the era back out and ‘period’ pre 75 cars Unders and Overs  Get scouring for cats! This will be quality not necessarily quantity and share with Junior Bangers.

We would like you to share below memories, contacts, photos, programme covers so in the Spring we can progress the Sunnyvale re union into something uniquely a little bit of Yorkshire .

Help welcome to put this together from anyone connected so we can be authentic’

Click here for a video clip on YouTube