Odsal Update

 Last Updated: 08/01/2021 17:32


Not for the feint hearted at a Siberian Odsal, the team in are in good spirits with a 'real buzz' about the place. Scott Newton of lead contractors NEWTON construction are extremely professional and work orientated and we are confident that the main infrastructure ring of posts will be completed this weekend, a major part of the build, the skeleton if you like. We have trust in the integrity having taken advice from people within the sport as well as our contractor, Pete Falding, FWJ and FWS and 'man for every job' Graeme Robson and, if anything, we would like to believe we have over engineered it. It is anticipated the the last concrete infilling will complete Saturday. Alongside the infrastructure, FWJ, Karl, JJ along with Dany and Frank have already in situ around a third of the backing ropes and the Pit gate and players gate, very substantial are also in situ. Jack France has been in and out and some prep work already track wise has starting in digging out and removing concrete etc which will continue later in the month ready to start laying the track weather permitting, February. Next week attaching the plate will commence and the aim is for the actual fence construction to be completed within the next three weeks. 

We had a visit yesterday from the City building inspector / HSE for an update on the construction and he was extremely helpful with advice on other matters further down the line in terms of stadium requirements. A polite BUT firm request, Odsal is currently a construction site in HSE terms and we cannot allow people to sneak in and take photos etc, much as we understand the enthusiasm, that could 'stop' the job. We will update you as we can with progress - we are in a lockdown and we must all follow government advice and only designated workers may be on site at any time or to do with the project.

The Bulls are also fully committed and planning alongside us and there is real energy and a will to work together. Hard working Tracey from the Bulls is working long hours and we are pooling our knowledge and requirements into 'action' points of work in the stadium to be done so, as soon as restrictions ease, we can welcome people in to help who all share the passion to #MAKE ODSAL HAPPEN - The RFL are also engaged planning their work. The license is signed and sealed - we are all now working to make the dream real and get Odsal ready for opening 'on time' as scheduled or as/when Government advice permits, whichever may be sooner - and that, we cannot control, but we believe we will be ready.

As we approach the end of week one, excellent progress. WIth groundworks, until you actually dig, you do not know the problems, a major one arose with an underground concrete slab however sharing the problem and solutions, that has been overcome.

We will keep you updated