Odsal Week 3 Update

 Last Updated: 25/01/2021 09:26


As we move into the second part of the weekend the race is on as the team enter the last bend of the project and on schedule for the ring of steel to be completed from start to finish in 21 days - despite intervening weather and sub zero temperatures - there remains quite a lot of 'finishing off and detail' and top rope to be affixed and follow up projects along the front straight / grandstand to be engineered in the coming weeks. However, the phase is almost complete. Whilst the job has moved on well, don't underestimate that the team, FWJ, JJ, Karl,Graeme, FWS,Danny ,Guy and Scott plus others who have contributed, Miles - gritting, Jack France and Ollie Ives [ lifting the corners ], Dave Massey plus Richard Baldwin who has been running around for us - there have had to be innovative solutions to solve problems as they arise and expected in such a project. But we are now in touching distance. Given that the original plan was to commence on 25th January, due to initially Scott being able to move forward, it enable the project to start on the 4th ahead of the plan.

The team will leave site this week and we have a steady ten days to follow as we plan and execute the track repairs and preparations before the shale is laid. As an example, the outer edges of turn 3/4 have to be raised around 300mm to restore the camber as this was 'flattened' when the South stand was built - other areas where the team dug outs were installed and have seen the concrete 'dug out' and along with other uneven areas, these have to be repaired,restored and levelled before we lay the shale which samples on site show looks a very good quality. Then, the next phase of activity will be the laying of the track, planned to start in earnest after the preparatory work and with over 1500 tonnes of shale to be delivered to site, this has to be planned and work within weather windows. At some point over the next 10 days we will also be looking at servicing and cleaning the drainage system before track laying commences.

This coming tuesday we have a joint detailed planning meeting as we draw together into a masterplan the huge amount of work around the stadium planned to get underway in earnest next month - this is considerable, if you like, thus far, we have progressed well with the 'build' bit however there now is a myriad of projects to resolve from floodlighting down to aesthetics to make the old girl fit to allow fans back in - and the action to return.