The Big Odsal Reveal

We were delighted to welcome BSCDA TV to Odsal to pre record a Podcast from Odsal Thursday 8th April to give a much bigger insight into behind the scenes at Odsal for broadcast today, 10th - we will let you view it and just extract some important points below - The interview shows you around Odsal with driver interviews, news of the Chase Finale and much more.

However, the biggest reveal is our decision with regards the 2021 BriSCA Formula One World Final which is fully explained in my interview with Jonathan Abbott in considerable detail, so watch for the full story!

If bringing back Odsal has not been a big enough challenge, and we are now in 'touching distance' of achieving it, but, STILL a huge amount of graft, teamwork and sleepless night's to go before we open later in May, the dilemma of where to schedule the 2021 WF has been in some respects an unwelcome source of equally more sleepless night's in terms of thinking it all through. I can say, even driving to Odsal yesterday, it was still all whirring in the mind - BUT - first, the big reveal, THE 2021 ANDREWS HAULAGE & COACHES WORLD FINAL will be staged at ODSAL STADIUM.

For Jackie and I, it has been a huge decision, something not even thought about in January however recent weeks have been spent in dialogue with many, many people, BSCDA, many drivers, our friends in Holland , colleagues and feedback from fans - and a lot of work to see if it was actually deliverable. We also agonised for many weeks, providing much loss of sleep, the 500 people who had ordered tickets for 2020 and remained supportive for 21 - and trust us, that consideration was uppermost in our mind. Let me say whilst our mindset was 'yes' let's do it, one of the reasons we delayed announcing it last week as originally suggested was continuing to think it through. In the final analysis, we concluded you cannot make an 'omlette without breaking eggs' and whichever we pivoted would unfortunately not [ and we cannot ] please all of the people 'all of the time' and for some, doubtless social media wise in terms of opinion we will move move from 'the best thing sliced bread to being ;toast' in some peoples views. There will be many people extremely happy at the switch and concede some, inevitably will be disappointed and to those we extend our sincerest apologies.

However, the reasons - and commerciality ironically, was not the pivot point, Odsal in a strange year will probably attract a similar audience to King's Lynn. The reason we are still around has been the passion to open Odsal, a passion of almost a quarter of a century, as many people know. To get to now has only with this attempt taken a hard slog of 18 months and a considerable six figure sum x 2 with the main ambition of delivering something we can leave behind with reasonably secure futures with Odsal and Sheffield and both compliment each other. Once opened and settled down, our job is 'done' and I can get on with my book ' Red shale in the sunset'! Secondly, for the sport, not us, Bradford hopefully will be a huge boost in the North and recreate fans and drivers who have lost touch with the sport as it has moved East, certainly evident in the local area as 'everyone' seems to know and have interest - and those people are our future. That was one major influencing factor, timing and majority feedback to boost the North.
Secondly was more personal, in our entire 25 year + career, whilst we have proudly staged World Finals, NEVER have we been able to operate one at our own venue as simply we have not had one big enough - when we last ran at Bradford, it did not fit the sequence albeit we co-operatively assisted the consortium at the time to operate there in 1997. From a less stress point of view, trust me, leaving it to the very capable team at TSR at the Norfolk Arena to operate it for us holds enormous attractions - and at our age. However, having come this far and at the end of a long career we ant to run this 'last one' at our own venue. The next point when we have the privilege will be 6 years time when I am 68, and trust me looking with optimism, I still hope to be breathing but equally hope to be merely a spectator enjoying someone elses efforts! Our job, when we get through this and ambitions are achieved! From an investment point of view also, selfishly here, it assists but also importantly for our Landlords, the RFL and Odsal, it also provided much needed revenue as reward for their faith and commitment and not insignificant investment. So whilst some may not agree for individual reasons, would hope you will understand, which is all we can ask. We do respect our family and those who have supported us and equally those around us such as BSCDA, Team Wainman, Graeme Robson, The Andrews, Karl Gilbert.Team Helliwell, Richard Baldwin, Ian Higgins, Scott Newton and the many others unmentioned [ forgive me ] without whose enthusiastic support and 'can do' behind the scenes have been hugely inspirational and us getting as far as we have, it isn't about purely the expenditure it has cost us to pay all, it's the support of our family and keeping work in house enabling the extra mile to be achieved. There is also our 'gratitude' to over 500 people who are 'friends of Odsal' who have contributed to do more than we could achieve, by contributing to go that extra mile and that continues until opening day.

So there is the 'decision' and we hope at least you will consider the explanation as thought through and honest.

So - to the practicalities for those with tickets for King's Lynn - Firstly we would respectfully request that you don't just reach for the phones as our workload is fully loaded just to get Odsal open - selfish I know, but for example, Monday another full day at Odsal in meetings.


2. SHOULD YOU NOT BE ABLE TO ATTEND & REQUIRE A REFUND THEN PLEASE TAKE THE FOLLOWING ACTION - Please, you do not need to phone or e-mail, simply put the tickets in an envelope with a note and contact number and send to us @ Startrax Oval Motorsport Ltd, 12 Heyhouses Lane, Lytham St Annes, Lancashire FY8 3RT - Upon receipt, we will contact you to arrange a refund which will be actioned by June 30th.

3. GRANDSTAND SEAT HOLDERS, we have reserved seats in similar areas at Odsal at this point for you. The Grandstand accommodates 4000 people for motorsport with fantastic viewing from any position. Later in April, we will put online a seating plan and you may then contact us to re-allocate your seat. Later in April, we will provide more guidance to do this smoothly. Please do not contact us if you wish to transfer and retain a seat until we release further info.

4. TICKETS for the 2021 Friday & Saturday are planned to go on sale MONDAY 26th AprilONLINE via the startrax website / shop - - We are taking some time to make sure we get everything right for the release and we are currently revamping the website.

So, at this stage, relax, and we will update more information. We have already been working hard on boosting car parking provision etc which is well in hand and over the coming weeks will release information as different plans come to fruition, we have already secured for the WF a 5000 space car park for use.

So, that's it, please enjoy the hard work that BSCDA TV and all have put into the PODCAST which colours on the picture more fully and informatively. If you wish to comment on our social media feed please do so, hopefully constructively as this reaches a much wider audience and potential new visitos to our sport, alternatively you can e-mail me questions on and even with our workload, will always attempt to respond within 24 hours.

Tickets for the 22nd May [ Stan Woods ] and 31st May BriSCA F1 opener are running down, for our opening 4 events, with Covid 19 restrictions capacities are capped - we have a latest update for Stan Woods as the family are keeping well up to date with that which we will release next week as an update and if you are an F1 fan, well, with 6 weeks to go, CLOSE ON 70 F1's already booked and more in the pipeline, my best advice, get them whilst you can!

Thank you all for your understanding, patience and support and again to this unable to attend due to change of location, our sincerest apology.