Today in the Bowl

And the work goes on! Today in the Bowl! 

Andy and the team have been back in all day today [ where Andy gets the energy is an enigma after 15 hours at the NSS yesterday [ preparing and grading the track for the British Final for speedway ]

Another full day on the track, a new bay created for shale to be stored [ not without it's dramas! ] and a complete re grade bedding in the 100 tonnes of stone - following over the next week now are several loads of 'pure shale' - all to move Odsal forward to the next stage. We are now preparing for the a double header at Odsal on the 28th & 30th with the V8 World Final on Saturday 28th alongside BriSCA F1
The team are quite literally moving 'heaven and - the earth -' to do a job that naturally would take a year settling a new track down into literally 16 weeks and 7 race events. We are heartened by the response from V8's, Bangers and Ministox who have been in action at the last two events as to the huge move forward in perfecting a great surface! All we need now is support to help pay the huge cost of 'moving forward

These are the beginnings of exciting times for Odsal as it starts to settle down, there is more optimism with regards the 2021 World, where hopefully we will once again welcome friends from Mainland Europe and some bi lateral exciting preliminary discussions for 2022 that will further grow Odsal.