World Final Update

A few [ very few ] spare moments to catch up!

The workload for WF21 has been unimaginable - elevated because it is a major event venue, Stewarding, crowd medics, doctors, PCR tests for all our Dutch competitors/teams so they can come - BUT we are getting there. Due to uncertainties prevailing over various aspects due to the 'strange' year, plans could not be finalised until as late as last FRIDAY and the 52 page A4 programme had to be finished for Monday!

After the event in a post mortem I will illuminate you more! It has almost been 'is it worth it' particularly in the absence of some 2000 of our Dutch friends due to the complexity of travel and we must thank the competitors for the pain they have had to endure paperwork wise.

It is important for us, important for Odsal's future that this weekend is well supported, blighted by a third of the crowd unable to attend, so we hope our UK friends will get behind it!

We are getting e-mails and calls, will we get in 'on the day' - HAVE NO WORRIES - I would like to say 'no' but the stadium current capacity is 16000 and by 2022 22000 - No stock car event since the 1950's has achieved that - so have no worries and 'come on down'!
GATES OPEN at - WHY ? Because of it's classification as a major sports venue, Briefing, stewarding, availability, medical cover for crowd - It is the same as going to any major event venue - and is also hugely costly
PARKING - whilst this has been a topic of conversation since May - which we find difficult to understand as NOTHING has changed since the 70's - 80's or 90's other than people [ like me and when we go Man U ] did have to walk a bit! The Richard Dunn centre is open to full capacity - stadium car park and we have created an 'overflow' car park behind the pit area - more details will be released next 24 hours.

On street parking, if you turn off the Odsal top roundabout onto the A6036 there is unrestricted roadside parking for about a mile each side down to Cemetary Road and Bradford Park avenue where also there is car park facilities - and Nigel is liasing with them today! Most of the crowd expected could get down there. PLEASE - NO APRKING on Northern Rise, the new housing before you get to the stadium, this will be stewarded. Our residents by enlarge have been supportive, just don't park in front of their drivers, drop litter and be respectful - BUT within 15/20 minutes, there is plenty on street available and not resident only - and you may get away quicker - I am sure fans local to Odsal can 'chip in'!

The entire team, BSCDA and more including Nigel and Tracey from the Bulls have and continue to work tirelessly and together, and it's first year re-opening, all want it to be a success. Odsal needs YOUR support [ and what a grid ] currently 86 F1's Saturday and a 'wow' of a WF grid - Friday NATIONAL SALOONS - NATIONAL MINISTOX & BriSCA F1 & OVERSEAS F1s - an 11 race programme - we have had in recent days moans about a start, however we want to put togetehr a VFM programme of the best - and we have to finish by a curfew time and prepare for Saturday - Friday is traditionally geared to our Dutch friends, There is plenty of action on and there will be a 'late gate'

It's been a difficult year - even more challenging, opening Odsal up after 25 years and there is still much work in progress, our dedicated team are on track as we speak. We have the presentation almost finalised and we want a 'slick' WF presentation, this will not go on for an hour, fit for purpose and a planned 20 minute track prep break before WF - time to get a coffee!

It's a huge task, a huge stadium and still finding our feet, BUT as a team we have worked hard, yes we will drop some plates and things will undoubtedly go wrong, I will be stressed until the last chequered flag drops [ suites me if it was lol ] but also trust the great team we have around us.

The South Stand Ground floor bar will be open until MIDNIGHT - This can be accessed ONLY after the meeting from all parts of the stadium WHEN all moving vehicles have returned from the track after the last race, not before - The VIP section during the event is SOLD OUT. Post event, please, no muddy boots or overalls, you must remove first!

More details to follow - bring your friends, strange times, but only you can fill the huge terraces and create the atmosphere and fill the void left by our Dutch friends absence.

And lastly, whatever happens, try to be nice - we all get agitated but this year when circumstances beyond our control have caused, perhaps a 10 minute delay to getting in - or other relatively minor issues in the BIG meaning of life, the vitriol and abuse from a minority has been unacceptable and we have a ZERO tolerance policy on this. 99% of people are great but think much frustration is borne from simply arriving 'too early' - it is not as if Odsal has not got PLENTY of space, some become rabied animals and it is not fair to staff.

Steve Rees