We have at this morning after many phone calls, made the extremely difficult decision to CANCEL SHEFFIELD - Today, Sunday 31st October. Martin Ford was on track at and our track curator Graham is also on site.It was 'ok' at 7 but heavy rain has started and predicted until followed by showers,

Despite keeping up to date with the track all day yesterday and into the evening and our team working there, it did not receive the weather any where near as bad as Bradford received overnight yesterday morning which extended into the afternoon, and the team sent photos, however, with the forecasts showing heavy rain until virtually start time today and after, despite monumental work by staff yesterday since at Bradford, I made a bad judgement call there as we did not wish to cancel on the day with travellers, hotels etc but, out of a duty of care to drivers and race teams, we feel we have to learn and not put all through the same, potentially again, with a very and unraceable, heavy track..

I expect we will be heavily criticised for this decision, however we feel that we have no other alternative. I would like to thank fans and, especially all drivers for going out and under the circumstances putting on a show on a track that we could just not dry out.

To say is and Jackie and I are devastated is a gross under statement, if the day was not bad enough, we broke down on the M62, not arriving home until this morning and thank Derek Fairhurst and the France family for assisting us at to at least get to the services - so not been to bed and it's damned cold stood at the side of a smart motorway from to [ actually! ]

We care very much, with passion, for what we do and with our team, try our best, this weekend we have failed and for that 'we apologise'. At times being promoter can be very 'isolated' - We have a fantastic and committed team around us and they were committed to trying to get the track raceable and the ultimate 'judgement call' was mine - With rain into the afternoon, and we brought plenty of machinery in we could not get the inside dry enough and with very cool temperatures and showers into the afternoon, whilst 2/3rds of the track was brilliant the bottom half was boggy and too soft to get equipment on to remove surplus albeit we did put around 40 tonnes of dry shale on. We had generally nothing but constructive support from the drivers and BSCDA. '1' in particular and they tracked over a dozen cars to help bed the track in.

If there was one highpoint, it was the spectacular finish to the Final between 515 and 217!

It was felt too soft for the Ministox and we will work with them to re arrange their Gold roof race. I can safely say last night and this weekend will go down as the most devastating to us both and we cannot afford to try again and buck the weather gods.

Our sincerest apologies, we are truly gutted, one our darkest days in the sport and feel we have let our sport down. A truly miserable experience for all and for which I take respnsibility

Those who have purchased advanced tickets, they will be refunded during the coming week.