Licence Form

The 2019 Drivers Licence Form is now available

The Biggest Show

Wow, it is getting closer - our 25th anniversary BIG SHOW at Manchesters Belle Vue Greyhound Stadium this coming Sunday 4th November @

Movie Cars at Belle Vue

GREAT MOVIE CARS just one extra for your enjoyment at BELLE VUE This Sunday 4th November

Bookings Stoke 3rd November 2018

The bookings for Saturday 3rd November at Stoke have been updated

The Great family FUN DAY at Belle Vue SUNDAY 4th NOVEMBER

The £10000 [Yes that is ten grand] FIREWORK SPECTACULAR + Stock Car and Banger Action

Old Skool Unlimited Bangers

Something new - and which drivers have asked for, now coming to Stoke! December 2nd - OLD SKOOL BANGERS - Unlimited Bangers

FRIDAY 26th OCTOBER at Belle Vue Stadium

A GREAT NIGHT OUT FOR ALL THE FAMILY Just over 48 hours before the HALLOWEEN CARNIVAL at Manchesters Belle Vue Greyhound Stadium

Stoke 28th October CANCELLED

Due to a MONSTER TRUCK Show at Loomer Road Saturday evening and the fact that Potters Speedway have a match left to run with a cut off next weekend, we have taken off Sunday afternoons meeting to allow speedway run at complete their fixtures


The Final of the Belle Vue Whites and Yellows series has been moved to the meeting on Friday 26th October.


In light of weather forecasts which have been checked hourly until today at which predict the Western side of the country to suffer heavy rain and strong winds Friday and Saturday, reluctantly in the best interest of drivers and customers we have decided to postpone this meeting until 10th November.