The Behemoths Return

The BEHEMOTH''S RETURN - BriSCA Stock Car Racing''s answer to the B52 Bomber ! BriSCA F1 Stock Car Racing!

The Big Rumble

Coming soon The BIG RUMBLE - Double header World Qualification

Result Belle Vue 7th May 2018

Final wins for: BriSCA F1 515 Frankie Wainman Jnr BriSCA F2 226 Billy Webster National Ministox 392 Lewis Evans 1600cc Bangers 292 Paul Davies

Junior Bangers

Important information from the Junior Banger Association

Result Stoke 8th April 2018

Final winners Micro Bangers 181 Grant Doe V8 Hotstox 485 Steve Thompson National Ministox 381 Lewis Evans Heritage F2 198 Alan Nicholson Hot Rods #0 Russ Fearnley 1300cc Saloons 367 Tom Keep

Result Belle Vue 2nd April 2018

Final winners BriSCA F1 555 Frankie Wainman Jnr Jnr BriSCA F2 728 Carl Pilkington

Result Stoke 31st March 2018

Final winners BriSCA F1 390 Stuart Smith BriSCA F2 377 Daz Shaw UK Modifieds 45 Alan Scothern

Stan Woods Online Ticket Information

Important information regarding online tickets for the upcoming Stan Woods meeting

Sunday Thunder at Sheffield

HOTTING UP FOR SUNDAY THUNDER at SHEFFIELD on 22nd April - The Big BriSCA 2018 Yorkshire Opener

Game On

Currently 76 BriSCA Stock Cars booked in for Owlerton